Black Lotus     Author: Azariel “Z”

Female human being of African descent. One from whom all life comes forth, mother of civilization. She is subjected to extreme abuse and oppresion based on the inaccurate perception of inferiority by the opressor. Like a Lotus, she emerges from the depts of the repression and creates the foundation of the human race. She is the strongest thing in the world because her beautiful smile conceals the everlasting pain. Her skin is infused with rich melanin that glows so effortlessly. Her defined curls defines her fine roots, shining and glistening in the light. Sweet Queen who needs no crown to clarify her worth, she is the black lotus. Her confidence stands tall like a cypress, strong beyond all definition still defying place and time. 

Creative Director: @He_Square

Photography Director: @Mikosky_Tech

Assistant: @Free_1016

Models: @_Siren | @Caribbeanduchess

Location: NYC

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