Love or Lust : Comtemplation

Written By: Romel Brewster 

Photos by: @Mikosky_Tech

Designer/Creative Director: @He_Square

Mua @Naturalallday

Models: @Biggdreamerr / @_Mac_sparrow_ / @Naturalallday / @_lloladey With spring in the air, we can contemplate the notion of Love or Lust as a driving force of human compassion, however can we also see them both as our greatest weakness? I ask this question to you the readers. We experience ups and downs, trials and temptations, however we still find the drive to overcome any obstacle when the need to provide, protect and produce for those we care about. However I must let you know the difference between Love and Lust. Love is equivalent to a long term investments. There may be times it seems as you are loosing, however you are building value over time. Whereas Lust equates to a short term investment with bigger risk involved but with a quicker return. It all boils down to what’s best for your “portfolio”. Do you believe in the investment you are willing to make, long or short? Do you see a future and is it worth it?  

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