Willie Wonka Generations

“Willie Wonka...Generations.” The concept illustrate the coming of age of the chocolate factory. For each generation, the chocolate factory has evolved to the niche of the era. The scene follow as...


“Willie Wonka...Generations.” The coming of age of the Wonka chocolate factory company.

Introducing Willia Wonka -Grand daughter & President.

Oompa Loompa 1- Chief Executive Assistant

Chocolate Factory NYC- Grinnell Designs

She is fearless in the world of fashion all on her own, but drawn to the business of Wonka...It’s her turn to share her family genius. Living in a new world from her grandfather, she see the future of the company. Accessories, the candy of the fashion world. Made fresh to local taste, but travels far and wide., however these delights don’t melt...Quality control and flavor goes a long away. To be continued...


Production- @Designersassociated

Creative Director- @He_Square

Videographer- @Mikosky_Tech

Location- @GrinnellDesigns


Willia Wonka -@Carteamystique

Oompa Loompa 1- @Naturalallday

Chocolate Factory NYC- @GrinnellDesigns

Oompa Loompas- Grinnell Staff

Music- NoCopyrightSounds

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