Heart & Drums

Heart and drum, connected by the beat of nature...boom boom, boom boom. Earth, wind, water and she is the fire that fuels it all...Raw by Nature. What is thanksgiving but a true celebration of those things. It takes them all to produce fruits of labor. To enjoy the benefits of the rhythm of your heart, contained within you and expressed through percussion. It is those moments we are thankful for, with each new day brings a celebration of life. Designer/Stylist: @He_square Photographer: @Mikosky_Tech Model: @Ilanathagoddess 

Mua: @Naturaltouchartistry Mua/Hairstylist @Ilanathagoddess Assistant Stylist: @Free_1016 Production @Designersassociated Drums/Accessories: Tauba Diamalaye Location: Prospect Park 

*Drums Available for purchase*

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