Together we can rise.

Start small...grow big!

Designers Associated Inc.
Is a Benefit Corporation Combining Knowledge and resources to effectively develop the brands of our members and affiliates and providing products, services and reservations to the public. We display our members and affiliates through the media content provided on this website.
Our mission is to also provide general public benefits in the form of economic opportunities for our members, affiliates and the communities of operations, through the platforms we have tested and developed for  artist, entrepreneurs and professionals. 
The company is privately held and operated by shareholders whom themselves are artist, entrepreneurs and professionals. Because we understand the focus, dedication and capital it requires to establish and operate a small business.
We have created membership packages to give those prospective artist and entrepreneurs an opportunity to build and or boost their brands while having the support of an established company.
We believe that as a company and with our members and affiliates, we can rise vertically to new heights and possibly create new standards, open up new markets and industries in the near future.
- Designers Associated Inc.


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